The brief was to design and build a wine cabinet within the confines of an unused doorway in the client’s dining room and to maintain an old feel to fit in with its surroundings.

The concept we provided featured a stand alone cabinet design incorporating the rustic style of the wine cellar using a combination of walnut wood and reclaimed fruitwood from a vineyard in Italy. The elaborate metalwork gates were fabricated in our workshop and powder coated matt black to maintain the aesthetics.


The original commission for the steamer trunk drinks cabinets was inspired by a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk that had been converted into a cocktail cabinet. We used faux crocodile skin with brass fittings and veneered ply, then we aged the wood.

We have also made a similar cabinet using reclaimed walnut panelling from the client’s house re-modelling. The outside covering was black leather, the internal layout was to the client’s requirement, and the fittings were plated in Rose Gold.

Our cabinet designs are bespoke; the types of wood, fittings and coverings are all supplied to the client’s specification. The internal layouts can be built to the requirements and desires of the client. Each cabinet can be built with a different purpose in mind: it may be a home office station to hide away the computer and files, or a record player and vinyl record storage.


The client commissioned a kitchen table for his Yorkshire cottage. The brief was to use reclaimed materials. This table was constructed out of three planks of London plane, retaining the live edge. The cracks were filled with resin, and bowtie joints were cut in to secure the cracks. The base ends were reclaimed from a Yorkshire tannery, circa 1900s. The benches were fabricated in our workshop and aged to match the table.


This wall art was a commission whereby the client had spotted a piece of art that was made up of driftwood. We found reclaimed oak which had been taken from the docks on the River Thames when it was redeveloped.

We came up with the concept of using the oak to tell a story. A map of the Thames (circa 1830) was found, and this was routed out and filled with resin, as well as the metalwork being aged to suit the oak timber. The map was labelled with the docks and military establishments in place at the time of the map.


This smaller drinks cabinet was commissioned to fit snuggly within a shelf. The door to the cabinet was requested to be made from old wooden type-printing blocks. A mirrored back to the inside of the cabinet was used to make it seem more spacious, and a movement sensitive LED was installed to light up when the door was opened. Fixed coasters were added to finish off this beautiful piece.


A Grandfather Clock was commissioned to to fit in a certain location in the client’s hallway. The clock had to be two metres high and a specific width and depth. No clocks were available on the market that fitted the style and requirements the client desired, so we designed and built a clock with the client’s needs in mind. The clock is made of solid ply and veneered walnut with brass fittings.


This TV cabinet was designed to be freestanding but to fit within an alcove. The design brief was to be contemporary in style, no handles visible and the colours had to match the room décor with a high gloss finish.